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These things happen when one realizes the years spent studying a discipline and then suddenly everything begins to decant. One of the messages of The Resurgent Anthropologist. The place, the transgenerational territory and more.”

– Ana Rodríguez, audiovisual anthropologist, July 2017, Uruguay.


Doing anthropology differently: reflexive, engaged, innovative, situational and sensorial. Contributions of the young anthropologist authors exemplify that. Being an anthropologist follows us everywhere, including in dreams! To live is a daily (auto)ethnography where society, family heritage and intimate experiences influence as well the movement of thought, perception on the world.

How does an anthropologist reason, feel and create? How to learn from the elders to think, be and create tomorrow? How history is alive today? What power do we have over our present and future? These guide a resurgent anthropologic practice. How is resurgence defined? Why resurging? How to resurge? Another ongoing reflexion.

The Resurgent Anthropology Project:

Stéphanie started this idea of a transformative ethnography as means to reach non-initiates. Mobilizing the Internet and audiovisuals to context writing, the goal is to bring into one space the observed, the experienced and the analyzed, and most of all to captivate those who wanna subvert common sense with daily subtleties and popular stories. It’s transmitting a multisensorial and intellectual experience to involve the audience in the scene. An engaged anthropologist is the protagonist of her/his experience and captures moments, knowledge and esthetics… resonating personally.

You wanna join the project? Leave a message here with your wordpress subscription email.

Note: people that are upfront in the published photos or audios gave their consent. Pictures are shared with them. They are informed on the project.


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